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Makura Olive Oil 500ml Tins

Half liter tins of Makura olive oil. Wholesale only to food stores and congregation gift shops.

Fall 2020 harvest, good until March 2022.



2020 harvest and good until March 2022.

Available for wholesale to specialty stores and congregations. 30 tins per case, one variety or mixed cases of 10 each of Souri, Leccino and Coratina.

For current wholesale prices, email Scott@israeliharvest.comĀ 

Stores that source from Faire, see our Faire Direct ordering page.

No spill tin preserves olive oil from degrading light better than glass. 500 ml (about 17 ounces).

Certified organic by the USDA. Kosher supervision by the Rabbi of the Hof Hacarmel Council.


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