Holy Land Harvest Olive Oil

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750ml bottle of organic, Souri olive oil from Makura Farm in the Carmel Heights.

Fall 2019 Harvest. Good until March 2022.

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Holy Land Harvest organic olive oil is produced by Makura Farm in the Carmel Heights, a region of Israel known as “G-d’s vineyard”. Mount Carmel is the holy mountain where the Prophet Elijah challenged the 450 pagan prophets of Baal and demonstrated the supremacy of G-d (Kings 1.18).

Holy Land Harvest bottles are filled with organic Suri olive oil. Suri is a variety native to the Galilee. Suri olive oil has a rich flavor and is high in healthy antioxidants. Some of the Suri trees at Makura are more than a thousand years old. Fall 2019 harvest and good until March 2022.

This spectacular video introduces Holy Land Harvest.


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