We are the only American importer of organic olive oil and olives from Makura Farm in the Carmel Heights. Farmers Orna and Guy Rilov at Makura produce outstanding olive oil, high in antioxidants. For more than 5,000 years people have cultivated olives in the valley and hills near the farm. Some of the trees in Makura’s groves are more than a thousand years old, possibly dating back to the Roman Era.
Makura manages the entire olive oil production process, from the tree to the press. The Rilovs decide on the optimum time to harvest, and extract extra virgin olive oil the same day. Makura uses cold-press methods that preserve the taste, health benefits and overall quality. 
Makura olive oil has high amounts of health-promoting antioxidants. Too much water dilutes antioxidant levels. Makura therefore uses minimal irrigation to maintain higher levels of antioxidants than farms that use more irrigation. 
We sell four varieties of extra virgin olive oil from Makura, Coratina, Kalamata, Arbequina and an olive variety native to the Galilee called Souri. Souri is a peppery medium, robust olive oil. The Kalamata is a delicate olive oil and mildest of the four. Arbequina is a medium robust olive oil, while the Coratina is a robust olive oil and the highest of the four in antioxidants. For more about each variety and to order, please see our online store. Shipping is free with orders over $65
We are primarily a wholesaler to specialty stores and congregation shops. Please contact Scott@israeliharvest.com for wholesale prices and to request samples. We also import Makura’s delicious, naturally cured Souri and Kalamata olives. These are only available wholesale. 
Makura olive oil is certified organic by USDA, and certified kosher under the supervision of the Regional Rabbi of the Hof Hacarmel. Makura olive oil bares the Israeli Olive Board seal that ensures 100% Israeli extra virgin olive oil. 
Kosher and organic certificates.