Israeli Harvest imports organic olive oil and olives from Makura Farm. Makura is located in the Carmel Heights and produces some of the best olive oil from Israel available in America. We plan to import from other outstanding Israeli farms in the near future.
Vegetable farmers based in Vermont, Tanya and Scott Hertzberg started Israeli Harvest to connect Americans with Israeli farms. We are primarily a wholesaler, supplying specialty food stores and synagogue gift shops, though sell a limited quantity retail online.  We offer discounts to groups at congregations and schools that place large orders together. For wholesale and group order prices, contact

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3 weeks ago

Israeli Harvest

Right before Rosh Hashanah, Tanya meet many friendly people while sampling organic Makura olive oil at the Ticonderoga Natural Foods Coop. Thanks to Penny at the coop for having us. ...

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